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Notice the tabs on the left. This application is designed so the user goes through tabs, one at the time and gets information on subjects they are interested in but also filter the data by clicking on the interactive charts.

Scope – The user can view the donation summary data for at the county level of Republic of Serbia in the Giving Balkans database by year. Selection of year, made in this tab, will be the referent year for the rest of the application.

Donors – Gives user an overview of philanthropy in Serbia by donor type and the type of donations they made. The user is presented with totals on donors in Serbia. By clicking on three interactive ring charts the user makes selections which affect current and the other tabs of the application.

Beneficiaries – Similar to the Donors tab this tab shows relevant summary data on the beneficiaries in Serbia. Within this tab there is a box plot visualization od distribution of donations' amounts given by beneficiary type, as well as the visualization of categories of final beneficiaries. The selection of beneficiary type in this tab applies to the following tabs as well.

Donations – There are two visualizations in this tab. The first one gives an overview of philanthropy by selected types of donors and beneficiaries, and the second one gives the number and the amount of money donated by the purpose of donation. By clicking on a purpose, you can filter the data which will be applied to the following tabs.

Geography – This tab differs from the previous tabs in that it shows detailed data on donations and their spatial distribution, while in all the previous tabs you could only see the summary data. Data is presented on a choropleth map of Serbian municipalities. You can select a municipality by clicking on a map or by searching for a name of the municipality. The data is then presented in a table below the map. By clicking on a button, you can reset selections made in the previous tabs. (Premium users can export the data to multiple formats including Excel formats and PDF).

CiviGraph – Advanced tool which enables you to visualize a complex network of donors and beneficiaries in an attractive and intuitive way. By clicking on nodes in the graph you can explore the network and find potential donors and beneficiaries belonging to the various criteria selected in previous tabs. Below the graph all the donations associated with the selected node will be displayed in a table. (Premium users can export this data to multiple formats including Excel formats and PDF).

Deep Search – Dig deep into GivingBalkans by doing a string search in all donation descriptions, donors and beneficiaries

Methodology limitations

Because of the unavailability of the completely reliable source of information on level of giving for charitable purposes any of Western Balkans countries, Catalyst Balkans has opted for alternative ways of collecting data, using primarily print, web and electronic media data, as well as other available data sources. There are some limitations to this methodology: this method does not provide comprehensive data because the media does not report on all charitable instances and giving, and additionally media reports often do not provide complete data needed to track philanthropic development.

Our figures, although not comprehensive, provides a minimum value of relevant indicators: minimal number of instances that have taken place, cash amounts and actors. Hence, this data may be used as indicators of the minimal degree of philanthropy development in a specific country.

It is difficult to estimate the degree of philanthropy development in an environment in which precise data is not collected and continuous monitoring is not done. Catalyst Balkans has thus created an initial list of factors that may help elucidate various aspects of giving: instances/initiatives for charitable giving - methods of collecting cash donations - the themes of giving - donation recipients and beneficiaries - donors - actors - and media coverage.

Currently, defined quantitative and qualitative indicators for each factor give us very good base for assessing the state of philanthropy within a certain country over multiple years.

As for the data itself, GivingBalkans database is updated with new and accurate information daily – which is a continuous process

Report a donation

If we failed to make note of your donation, you can fill out a short form to point us towards the donation that should be added to the Giving Balkans database. To do that follow the following link:

We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give.

Sir Winston Churchill

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You can easily judge the character of a man by how he treats those who can do nothing for him.

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

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If you can't feed a hundred people, feed just one.

Mother Theresa

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Whoever does good, he is expected to give even more good.


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As the purse is emptied, the heart is filled.

Victor Hugo


Philanthropy is fun and fulfilling.

Bill Gates


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